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Oil reproductions on canvas, on jute canvas or on cartoon of the best masters of the past and in particular of the end of the '800 and early '900, made by two artists with a twenty-year experience in this field, who have studied in depth the tecniques of different painters, the materials used in that period and the ageing process. The "FAKES" presented have their value in the undoubted quality of the work, which may give rise to deep emotions, and in the uniqueness of each paint because the thousand masterstrokes on each canvas make each paint, even if repeated, a copy of itself, it is an original. Each paint has its certificate of "AUTHOR'S FAKE".

The indicated prices, with expedition costs, don't include the frame. The price with frame increased from Euro 52,00 to 260,00 in relation to the chosen model. Payment conditions will be given by e-mail at the moment of the order.

On request reproductions of any painting of the painters of the list will be made, so of any other painters if request; the catalogue is just an indication.

How to order.

To make an order please contact us by e-mail or compiling this form. Remember to specify the author and the title of the paint you are interested in. We replay to us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail - as you prefer -to define conditions of purchase, payment and shipping. If you are interested in any paint not in the catalogue don't hesitate to contact us: we could provide informations and an estimate of your requests.

Ask us what you want: we'll make our best!